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 Tattoos have become inherent in Bali. Tattoos are very easy to find in Bali, from temporary tattoo artists who go around the coast to promote their services, to professional tattoo studios available in Bali, especially in famous areas such as Kuta, Seminyak and Legian.

 For health and safety reasons, it's a good idea to do your research before getting a new tattoo in Bali. Take a closer look at which Bali Tattoo studios are the best in terms of clean equipment, process safety, and even great results. Remember to pay attention as the artist prepares their station and make sure they are using clean, new needles.

 To help you make a choice about a tattoo studio, here is a Bali Tattoo Studio. We recommend one of the best tattoo studios in Bali.

 Sixty-Nine Tattoo Studio Bali

 Sixty Nine Tattoo Studio Bali is run by a Local Balinese by the nickname Calev Rose and features all kinds of freehand styles. Tattoo Hut maintains its high standards of hygiene, with new, single-use needles for each customer, and uses imported ink from Japan and other countries. In this place you can get a wide selection of tattoo sizes and designs, based on whatever you want.

Some Of Work Sixty Nine Tattoo

Address Sixty Nine Tattoo Studio

  • Jalan Legian no 123 Kuta -bali
  • phone : +62 817-9729-201

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